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Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Institute of Raw Consciousness and Detoxification Course

The Institute of Raw Consciousness is my newly created social network community 'raw school'

I'm teaching a 4 week Transition and Detoxification Course using the Raw Food Diet beginning November 14th.

This is a 4 week course designed to help you cleanse your body while eating. It includes a manual, daily emails for support, rawfood demonstrations and samplings, lots of great info to help you optimize your health, and question and answer sessions following each class.

To learn more about this course please visit www.instituteofraw.ning.com (you'll have to create an account to enter) or email me for a cyber-flyer at themotherslove@gmail.com

Many Blessings.......


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Juice Feast

21 days ago, I started a 92 juice feast detoxification! A juice "feast" is a prolonged fast drinking a minimum of one gallon of juice per day and no solids, ideally for 92 days. I've also started a juice detoxification service here in Fort Worth. I'm working 7 days a week, while detoxing, so - many apologies about this blog rolls (TX Raw Permie's) delay

you can see my progress and watch me feast at www.blueberrysjuicefeast.blogspot.com

you can learn more about juice feasting here

Also please be sure and sign this health freedom petition (next post below)- Mike Adams of www.naturalnews.com has written an excellent petition for the future of medicine and natural resources/treatments for us all. He needs 100,000 signatures for it to hold weight in Washington, so far we're up to 9500! Please read, sign and spread the word.

You can also read about how the Supreme Court ruled against Big Pharma's attempt to legally immunize themselves from any legal actions concerning the harmful effects that pharmaceutical drugs may cause - they were also exposed lying about side effects and dangers...... you can read that story here:

Again, my path has been diverted by this very blessed healing adventure for me, so please forgive me while my focus is shifted for the moment..... everyone planting?

Oh! one more thing, if you'll notice on the right side of this blog, I've started a projects resource - send me links to your projects and I'll post em..... (not limited to texas projects)

Until next time, many blessings,

Friday, February 27, 2009

Health Freedom Petition

Please sign this important petition regarding the future of our health freedom. Click below to watch a short clip featuring Mike Adams and to read/sign the petition.

Many blessings,

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Newsletter 2 January 2009 Secrets of the Soil

In This Issue

Featured Permaculture Training - Remineralizing The Soil
Raising Consciousness Through Permaculture - Silica, Nitrogen and God Consciousness
Food Irradiation - what to look for, The Radura symbol
The 2012 Enigma - David Wilcock
Superfoods For Superheros
Walk Barefoot - David Wolfe
Featured Local Resource - Harmony Harvest Family Farm (serving Dallas/Fort Worth)
Build Your Own Dehydrator-solar style
Featured Raw Resource - Visionary Culture Radio - Laura Fox
Featured Raw Vegan Recipe - My green soup -Creamy Zucchini and Cilantro

Remineralizing The Soil

One of the single most important things we can do for our gardens, ourselves and for the earth itself is to remineralize the soil. Minerals and alkalinity are key, earth saving and consciousness-creating practices. Funny, more and more I see the earth as a macro-manifestation of female energy, a beautiful conscious being. More and more I refer to her as "she" and "her".....and more and more I find ways that compare her needs to ours. Minerals and alkalinity are also key, life saving and consciousness-creating practices for us humans too :) Below I list a few ideas for things we can do to increase the efficacy of our efforts in healing the soil.

Key Elements For Building Good Soil:

Soil PH – test annually - a ph test measures the concentration of hydrogen ions present in the soil. The ph should fall between 6 and 7.5 on the ph scale. If you're having your soil analyzed by a soil testing lab; dig 6 inches deep for the sample ------

Danger! If the PH of your soil falls below 5 research shows that this will increase the amount of, and bioavailability of minerals such as aluminum ( - gasp - !alzheimers!), manganese and iron, in your plants and ultimately put high amounts of them into you...... these minerals are extremely harmful in overdose. When your soil ph is neutral microorganisms are capable of balancing the minerals and utilizing them properly – transmuting what is needed or not needed depending- if it's acid, the microorganisms aren't capable of achieving this.

Lime - Limestone is used to raise the alkalinity and mineral content of the soil. According to www.limestone.org it's not the actual percentage of calcium or magnesium present in the limestone that raises the ph of the soil but the carbonate content within the calcium and magnesium that increases its ability to neutralize the acidity of your soil (i.e. calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate....) So, different types of stones and rock will have various effects. Limestone with a lot of white in it indicates high silica content.

Rock Dust – best sourced locally. Use a mix of 4 or 5 different kinds of stone for full spectrum mineralization. Choose rock dust that is not too fine (can clog your soil) and not too large (can take too long to break down); the goal here is to provide rock porous enough to allow microorganisms to enter it, break it down and turn it into soil. This newly formed mineral rich soil then feeds the plants through its roots creating a more nutrient rich alkaline and mineral rich plant. Rock dust also provides a slow-time release of trace minerals.

Lime, Mineral Mediums and Clay
***Aglime-High Calcium Limestone
***Dolomite – high magnesium limestone – also high in calcium
***Glacial Gravel – a pre-mix of rocks providing a full spectrum of minerals found here remineralize.org – Also, here's an article on the many uses and advantages of using rock dust the invisible gardner
***Pyrophyllite Clay- high silica clay found here www.pyroclay.com This is a really interesting website centered on the energetics of growing. It also sells a gold application for increasing your growth factor. (ormus)

Ocean Water Technology or Himalayan Salt Sole – Ocean water has been shown to produce truly amazing results. It's also one of the best ways to get a full spectrum of minerals into your body through the plants. It's also an up and coming commodity – and your plants will be if you use this method. The difference in taste is huge! I've seen studies where plants grown with ocean water quadruple compared to a plant grown without it. Ocean water provides ormus, 85-92 trace minerals, broad spectrum mineral nutrition and improves quality and taste.

The easiest way to include ocean water technology in your garden is to make a "Sole" (pronounced so-lay) out of Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt, or other high quality sea salt – most Whole Foods now have several different colors and varieties available in bulk - Saturate a 5 gallon bucket of water with the salt that you choose and allow the salt to dissolve over night; add more salt to the water the next day, allow that to dissolve, adding more the next day if needed…. Continue this process until the salt no longer dissolves. This is your saturation point. Your water is now saturated with the salt's minerals and can be used as a base, further diluted and either sprayed on or fed through your watering system.

Use only high quality sea salt –It's safe to go with the Himalayan…..although I guess some may disagree with me on this…..some say it has high amounts of nickel due to processing…. Here's where I like to digress back to the LOVE concept… J For more info on Ocean Water Technology and making a concentrate visit www.creationsoil.com

Fermented Herbs – you might try this: A fermented mixture of several different kinds of herbs. (you can add it to your compost or make a compost tea with it) Choose a mix based on their mineral content and whatever nutrient your soil is needing at the moment to produce a balanced array of nutrients and good bacteria– This is an idea based on Steve Storch's work (and his studies with Rudolf Steiner). He uses Dandelion, Comfrey, Nettle, Yarrow, Horsetail (Equisetum) plus others – Each individual herb is chosen for being high in a specific nutrient or mineral and also its correlatation with a specific planet in the solar system; he teaches that these herbs create a conduit for specific energetic and foundational information that gets drawn into your soil and plants –more on this concept below.

Compost/Compost Tea – microorganisms, nutrients, minerals, homeopathic, energetics- based on the concept of energetics, stirring and vortexing the tea for a long period of time allows for all particles in your tea to mix together and share information. Steve Storch teaches that this also allows time for the etheric bodies present to fully integrate. Here are some general guidelines for making compost tea, and here is a basic recipe to build on (listed below)

*One small shovel of compost (about 3 big handfulls)
*2 tablespoons of molasses (because molasses contains several different kinds of sugars)
*2 tablespoons of seaweed emulsion
*1 teaspoon of citric acid for the bacteria (or vitamin c or several tablespoons of lemon juice)

Algaes and Seaweeds/High quality Green powders – kelp, spirulina, grass, herbs etc.; These will add full spectrum minerals and trace minerals to your soil.

And Love - :) Remember, if you can do nothing else, love your soil, your garden, your plants, the bugs, the process...... Water is a carrier of information hold a space of love as you water your garden; as shown here, (emoto's work) our thoughts can structure its molecules making it more bioavailable to your plants and infuse them with your good intention. Which leads me too.........


Raising Conciousness Through Permaculture

so, I'm studying biodynamic agriculture and I've found it to be really amazing. When the concepts finally hit you your like 'oh'.... 'wow'...'ok'... Below I explain my best understanding of it so far in hopes of helping you incorporate some of these concepts into your practices.

Silica - The mineral silica seems to be one of the most key components to all of life. It resides in everything that is living - meaning everything from a human to an animal, to tissue, to a plant, to an organism. Silica is a carrier of information (silica chips in computers) and has the ability to imprint your plants with vital information important to its growth and sustainability. It's also highly alkalizing to the soil and to our bodies - and has the ability to deter pests simply by being present in the veins of the leaf of the plant. So, its extremely vital that it be present in the soil.

This section is based on the work of Rudolf Steiner, but what I've written is based on what I learned from Steve Storch, of naturalscienceorganics.com , (he lectures on Steiner's biodynamic approach to agriculture and has built some pretty creative sustainable tools shown on his website). The information available on biodynamic gardening and the role of various minerals involved in the energetics of growing is pretty vast and pretty intense and also exTrEmely interesting! I feel I've come to a pretty good understanding of what I've learned so far, at least enough so to convey the information to you….. however, if anyone out there sees any error in my interpretation please let me know. Ok, so…….

The earth is made up of about 28% silica, and everything living or growing is made up of about 48% silica. (should be that is) A plant, or organism, or our body's own ability to function correctly is dependent on whether or not it has the proper amount of silica in it. For one, silica is important for our bone and skin health - but the importance of silica being present in the earth and the plants and us, seems to go far beyond simple nutrition. Since we are made up mostly of silica, and silica carries information, it's extremely vital that the information contained in the silica being carried into us is information that will be beneficial to us.

Ok, so, nitrogen is a carrier of consciousness – the air is made up of 80% nitrogen. Nitrogen carries vital information, via astral forces, sourced from the planets and stars, sort of like a fundamental code, that the plants need in order to grow properly and ALSO to transmit information to us; information that our bodies need to function properly and information that our MINDS need in order to know and have and keep the correct perception or interpretation of our life, the world around us and the God consciousness –

Nitrogen carries the 'coded' information through the air to the silica; it gets broken down by the microorganisms, which carry it into the plants, which we eat….. – if this process is interfered with, for example, say if silica isn't present to recieve information from the nitrogen, we will not get the imprint that allows us to function, think and perceive things properly and without distortion.

So what's VERY interesting about this…. is that years ago, guess what the first fertilizer consisted of? SYNTHETIC NITROGEN- Ok some may immediately think, ok… well this is good right? if we need nitrogen to carry information….. yada yada..... Enter the illuminati and their ever-growing concern for our well being……Allow me to project on the light bulb that went off in my head when I learned this.....

Nitrogen is a carrier of consciousness – The 'powers-that-be' KNOW this, so they introduce synthetic nitrogen into our soil……

Mom, hear me out…... They are using synthetic nitrogen as a medium for infiltrating chemicals into our system, – to not only toxify our bodies, but create a negative state of consciousness and distort our perceptions.

Its well known in some circles that too much of the mineral fluoride can produce docility or apathy in a person and simply make your brain think less clearly. This is why we should never consume tap water. Fluoride is being added to our tap water and has been for years. Over consumption of Flouride is also terrible for your teeth. Another point, as stated above, acidic soil creates an overproduction of acidifying minerals such as alluminum and iron that become highly toxic if taken in overdose and greatly damage the brain. Also, consider this;

If natural nitrogen brings in the code for God or cosmic consciousness and correct growth and perception, synthetic nitrogen would bring in synthetic consciousness…… plasticized consciousness…. materialism, lack of love, lack of feeling, falsehood, sex exploitation, destructive tendicies etc.....

A plot like this would also highly benefit those in power getting the consumer to want more and more….. it shifts our focus away from what's important; love joy family – and keeps us centered on money, need, want, stress, work for more money to buy this or that, …… I would imagine that it also induces a feeling of need or dependence on the actual chemicals that we end up taking in. And a confusion as to whether or not we should consider it a big deal or no big deal.... good or bad etc.

So what's the real message in all this? :) Be sure and include silica-rich compounds in your garden and eat silica rich chemical free foods. Utilize herb mixtures and crystals in your gardens and compost tea- study their energetic behavior and cosmic drawing capabilities. Intuit what your garden may need in the way of plant spirits, minerals, location of plants and nutrition. Pray over your gardens, Love our Earth and love your body enough to consider the safety of anything and everything you put in it. It may be costing us more than mere physical health.

And although we truly can no longer depend on 'organic' standards as being automatically safe, find a source you trust to provide you with chemical free produce - and when growing your own gardens, don't underestimate the power of re-mineralization - using rock dust and other mediums, maintain an alkaline soil. Whether or not I'm right in my assumption that the Illuminati is 'that smart'....:)... At the very least we know, acidity breeds toxcity. Acidic soil breeds toxic minerals and acidic bodies breed toxic cells. Toxic cells breed sickness and disease which breeds sadness and pain. Above all, Alkalinity in all Things. Alkalinity breeds Super-Consciousness.


Food Irradiation

The symbol above is what is known as "The Radura", the international symbol for labeling foods that have been 'irradiated'.

According to the FDA, food irradiation is "a process in which food products are exposed to a controlled amount of radiant energy to kill harmful bacteria....... The process also can control insects and parasites, reduce spoilage, and inhibit ripening and sprouting." ooh, 'radiant' energy!

In my opinion, unless you see this symbol on a package of "certified organic pig-intestine sausage links",:) I'd highly recommend avoiding any food labeled with it.

An excerpt from this article describes how food is irradiated:

In a concrete vault with walls twenty feet thick, in a building peppered with signs warning "Danger-Radiation Area," a door opens. Through the door, neatly boxed and stacked on a conveyer belt, come thousands of potatoes. The door silently closes and another opening-a shutter in the floor of the vault-contracts, revealing a pool of water beneath the vault. Within the pool lie rods of radioactive cobalt-60, products from the core of a nuclear reactor, or cesium-137, waste products of atomic bomb construction. Once the shutter has fully opened, these rods rise up out of the water and into the vault, exposing the potatoes to 100,000 rads of ionizing radiation. This is 2,500,000 times the dose of a typical chest X-ray. It is more than 150 times the dose lethal to humans. According to even a basic physics textbook, exposure to 10,000 rads totally destroys living tissue

One of the fundamental reasons we need raw and living foods is that our bodies, our cells in fact, are designed to literally 'read' and 'recognize' the molecular makeup of the plant. This is how our cells know whether or not to take the substance in, how to utilize it, which organ to send it to, whether or not its harmful or beneficial etc. Our cells are programmed to reject unrecognizable substances and treat them like an invader; basically to induce an immune response against any substance present that has no use in the body; i.e. contaminants, and food devoid of nutrients. its like,

hey!, "yeh! let's nuke it. of corse!! that'll clean it... doie....... bombs away! look ma, no water"
how bout.... 'son, i've had this potatuh for thurty-ate years......'

Now I know some of you are thinking, 'what's a little cooked lettuce gonna hurt anybody' ?? --hey I like paying $2.50 for a wilty head of cooked lettuce as much as the next guy; it's just something about the 'nuclear radiation' part that gets to me a little......

Here, the government explains the health benefits of irradiating our food


2012 Enigma

This is a full length lecture given by David Wilcock - his take on our future and what we need to be focused on to produce a positive outcome for the 2012 dilema- This lecture is really amazing.... not only is it uplifting and hope-giving, but David Wilcock has a some interesting points on 2012, spirituality, the third eye, covert government technology and more....... (well worth the time and totally free) watch it here on google.

his website is divinecosmos.com


Superfoods For SuperHeros / Junkfood For Jedi's

get your goji berries



Walk Barefoot

David Wolfe explains the value of walking barefoot on the Earth


Featured Local Resource

Harmony Harvest Family Farm in Terrel Texas - This organic farm uses heirloom seeds and has a drop off point at the Dallas Farmer's Market; during the winter shares are only $15 per week.

Contact Sharlena 972-563-5623

visit localharvest.org for a cool farm near you :)

heirloom seeds


Build Your Own Dehydrator

build your own dehydrator (thank you angela stokes for this link) Angela Stokes writes a really cool blog where you can follow her daily raw eating habits. She lost over 160 pounds eating a rawfood diet. Check out her website rawreform.com

build your own solar dehydrator
you might also try this camp-friendly dehydrator....


Featured Inspirational Resource

Visionary Culture Radio

I've really been enjoying Laura Fox's radio show - Laura writes, "These shows are a gift of love designed to take our consciousness and our collective to the next level of awareness, activation, resonance and enlightenment"

you can find her podcasts here


Featured Raw Recipe
- My Green Soup yum







Garnish with finely sliced zucchini, ½ a small tomato, chopped cilantro and chopped cashews. i think this soup is yum yum yummy…… Adding the garnish seems to slow down my eating and gives me something to chew on which seems to help me digest it… otherwise I'm left feeling really full, but somehow still empty… ??


That's all for now :) Love and Peace to you and yours!
Love Creates Life,
a.k.a.Blueberry -- Agent#11
on behalf of
TEXAS Raw-Permacultural Alliance For Sustainable Local Living

http://invisiblegardener.com/magazine/online_magazine/pages/rock_dust.htm the advantages of rock dust

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Newsletter November 2008

This Issue:
Featured Permaculture Training - Moringa Oleifera
Techniques For Structuring Water
ORMUS Technology
Superfoods For Superheros - Gold Rush
Featured Local Resource - Texas Grass-Fed Raw Milk
Featured Raw Vegan Recipe - Vanilla Nut Nog

Moringa Oleifera
"tree of miracles"

"He who has health has hope;
and he who has hope has everything."
- Arabian Proverb

Moringa Oleifera is all the buzz in the superfood world - and currently being researched as a solution for malnutrition in Africa. Known as the "Tree of Miracles", its valuable to permaculture landscape, a viable adjunct to sustainable living and a super source for high nutrient, raw nutrition and the potential for healing many diseases; All parts of this tree can be used for something useful, from the root to the leaves. I've outlined some of the highlights of this tree's amazing contribution to life here on Earth:

Key points for Permaculture:

Leguminous (balances nitrogen in the soil)
All parts edible/usable - pods/leaves/bark/roots/new pods/older pods
Edible Oil: "Ben Oil" - the powdered leaves and pods are pressed to make an nutritious edible oil similar to olive oil, high in oleic acid
BioFuel - the seed oil shows promise for use as a biofuel
Water purification: the ground seeds and press cake left over after the oil extraction can be used to help clean water. Moringa coagulates with particulate matter and bacteria causing it to fall to the bottom of the container. The water can then be seperated out and boiled. Apparently its more effective than alum for this purpose and much cheaper... ........and hey, who wants to use Alum ??
Mats and Rope can be made from the bark
Gum Resin is used as a medicine and for calico printing
The Wood makes a blue dye and can be used for firewood
Powerful Antibiotic and Anti-fungal qualities are present in the flowers and the roots
Plant Growth Hormone - The fresh leaves contain the hormone that can increase crop yields up to 30%
Compost - 'green manure' to enrich the soil
Drought tolerant
Resilant, fast growing, good for fast reforestation - Moringa also reaches heights up to 30 feet
New Leaves Appear toward the dry season when other greens are becoming less available
Flowers Bloom around 8 months after the tree is planted - and they have the taste and texture of mushrooms!
Cures Colds - a tea made from the flowers are a popular cold remedy in Hawaii
Bees/Honey - the flowers are a year-round source of nectar for bees
Dried Root - makes a spice similar to the taste of horseradish (moringa is nicknamed 'horseradish tree' in India, however, don't be confused, horseradish root is definitely a different plant)

Key Points for Nutrition and Medicine:

The Leaves contain supplemental and significantly high amounts of Vitamin A, C, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron and Protein among other nutrients-the dried leaf powder contains 27g of protein per 100grams; 4 times the Vit A content of carrots, 4 times the calcium of milk, 2 times the protein in milk, 3 times the potassium content in bananas and twice the RDA for Iron. The fresh raw leaves contain 7 times the Vit C content of oranges
Moringa contains all 8 essential amino acids
The fresh leaf and the dried leaf vary in nutrient content; most nutrients increase in concentration once the leaf has been dried to a powder with the exception of the vitamin C and calcium - also the oxalic acid content that's very high in the fresh leaf decreases considerably to safe amounts in the dried leaf powder
The leaves can be eaten raw or cooked like spinach; the dried powder can be used like a superfood and a seasoning in soups, sauces or smoothies
The young green pods are said to taste like Asparagus, some say Artichoke; used like green beans in India- yum!
The older pods have known to be prepared like peas, or roasted like peanuts
The flowers have a taste and texture similar to mushrooms. I love this one!
Potential Cure for over 300 Ailments including tumors, hormonal imbalance, diabetes and other epidemics

The Big Question still remains: Can the "Tree of Miracles" be grown in Texas?

Do Avocado trees grow in San Juan?
why, yes they do!

Ciomperlik Farms
in San Juan, near McAllen

*more info on MORINGA:
*and for the scientist in you....
*order Moringa seeds in the US here
*learn how to grow Moringa
*another excellent resource including great photos and information on Moringa

Secrets For Structuring Water

pictured, "The Vitalizer Plus' - this water structuring gadget costs over $450, but alas, I lead you to an effective and cheaper alternative....

Try structuring your water with this 'homegrown' technique. Watch on youtube as Daniel Vitalis teaches us an inexpensive alternative to the high priced "Vitalizer Plus" - a gadget that structures your water using vortex and magnetic technology. This machine, popular in the raw food community costs around $500 - But using 2 polycarbonate 5 gallon water jugs and a few cheap parts from any hardware store, you can be structuring and vortexing like its 1999!
watch it here (1 of 3 videos, youtube channel 'secretsofwater')

you can also learn more about using magnets to potentiate ORMUS in your morning smoothie, green soups or structured water here (1st of several videos, youtube channel 'thebestdayever37') - very informative


Help support this blog roll and my information-and-local-connection-mission by purchasing your superfoods through my website with Elements for Life.


Elements For Life offers some new, innovative, and some not-so-unknown, high vibe superfoods and deep cellular cleansing ormus-laden power products. Some of these products have been exclusively created for and will only be available through EFL and the list of products is sure grow over time. I'll keep you up to date on that.

There is also an business opportunity for any of you budding entrepreneurs out there. The reason I decided to invest in EFL is because of their product line, their sincere commitment to purity and quality, and because it was created by two guys in particular that have the impact of their actions on the Earth in mind...remember my rant in class about phytoplankton? :) These guys are aware of the potential negative impact that the overconsumption of phytoplankton could have on our environment and ecosystem - But they had good news for me! They are farming their own phytoplankton..... not pulling it out of the ocean. This is such an important distinction for the future of our earth, so if you decide you'd like to start taking phytoplankton, please only purchase from those that are not devasting our environment to access it's nutritional reward. EFL is also a community of people like you and me; gathering together, involved in and investing our future in Permaculture and good-earth practices. They also have an exclusive product called REVITAPHI featuring MORINGA!

Please note, the company is Elements for Life, but the website address is 'Noble Life Elements' and my ID is 'love creates life' - If you aren't sure about what to purchase or invest in right now, I'll be featuring one product each newsletter to explain its function and benefit and all important potential earth-shifting capability :) If you'd like more information on either the products or the business aspect, send me an email....... and so, well........:) check em out.....

Local Resources:
Sand Creek Farm & Dairy

Local Texas grass-fed raw milk on organically managed pastures - Sand Creek Farm & Dairy located in Cameron Texas, provides raw milk, cheese, cream, yogurt, kefir, some vegetables by the case, non-gmo, non-soy fed free-range eggs, among other products. Our good woman, Sashenka, who visited there with Ariel this weekend, says she was very impressed with the treatment of the animals, that their chickens are truly running free range and cared for and that the owners are very dedicated to keeping with organic and non-gmo standards.

Orders are due by 6am every Monday morning for the week following. They offer their products to co-op's, individuals and also have membership options - They are not able to deliver, so you can either pick up directly from them at the farm or purchase their products through the 'Home Sweet Farm' farmers market which happens once a month in Brenham. Be sure and check out the website for Home Sweet Farm; they grow exclusively vegetables and herbs using organic standards, and have many heirloom options. You can also work on the farm in exchange for a weekly share. Home Sweet Farm's motto is "we grow righteous food" :)

Ride shares anyone?? ;)


Raw Vegan Holiday Recipes Ideas

This book was sent out by Nomi Shannon AKA The Raw Gourmet free, as a holiday gift, just in time for Thanksgiving, so I thought I'd pass it on. It's a compilation by Nomi and Sheryl Duruz of Australia's www.raw-pleasure.com where you can get many more recipes online and in a free e-book that Sheryl gives out when you sign up for her emailing.

You can download Nomi's book of recipes here Raw Vegan Holiday Recipe Book -- it's put together a little strange IMO, and I haven't personally tested any of them yet, just so you know; non-the-less there are some jewels for ideas and scrumptious raw vegan indulgment in there. Recipes include mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, cashew cream and sweet potato souffle - i know we've many raw chefs out there who can use these ideas to create the best holiday feast ever!

Here's one to tempt your palate: Vanilla Nut Nog

Vanilla Nut Nog:
5 cups Brazil nuts
30-40 pitted medjool dates
5 vanilla beans or two Tablespoons vanilla extract
9-11 cups water
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
Fresh whole nutmeg
"Soak the Brazil nuts 8-12 hours. Soak the dates and vanilla beans together in water to cover plus 2 inches for 8-12 hours. Drain the Brazil nuts, rinse well, and drain again. Remove the dates and vanilla beans from the soaking water and add enough additional water to make 10 cups. Pour into a blender, add the nuts and process until smooth. Add the dates, vanilla extract or beans and cinnamon to the blender. Blend again until smooth, stopping occasionally to scrape down the sides of the container. The mixture will be quite thick; if you prefer a thinner nog, add up to 1 more cup of water and blend again.
Taste and add more dates, vanilla or cinnamon as desired and process until smooth. Place a nut milk bag in a large bowl, pour the blended mixture into it in batches, and gently squeeze out the liquid. Pour the strained nog into cups, grate a bit of fresh nutmeg on top, and enjoy." Nomi Shannon www.rawgourmet.com
Love Creates Life,